Creative Alchemi with Lisa Murray

You are multi-creative, multi-talented, and sometimes multi-distracted by all of your possibilities. You have more ideas than you know what to do with and a desire to change the world and maybe even create an empire in the process. And nothing is moving fast enough for you!


You know there must be another way beyond the tired formulas (and the burnout), the long lists of ‘should’s’, the pushy sales tactics and the non-stop ups and downs. You know you think too much, and that thinking isn’t creating what you are asking for. You’re ready for a thriving life, and you don’t want to create alone anymore!


As a creation catalyst, I invite you to new ways of creating. I spark access to your most brilliant ideas. And then we explore unconventional ways of practically bringing these ideas into the world with ease and play. It’s so much faster to create this way than when you focus on 'hard' work. What would change if you would #playeveryday?





GOING ON TOUR with Creative Alchemi and Lisa Murray will take you somewhere you actually desire to go! CLICK THE CIRCLE that speaks to you most deeply to be taken places you may not yet have dreamed of!


Play. Every. Day.

If you are over-worked, overly serious, over being bored or an over-thinker, the fastest way forward is to play.

There is always a playful way to get where you are going, and mostly you’ll get there quicker and easier if you play!

It sounds hard to believe (I refused for years!) and yet, over and over, this is how it has worked for me.

Everything in Creative Alchemi is created with a sense of play and the spirit of adventure.

If there are no conclusions, there can be no limitations or stoppages between what you desire and what you are creating.



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