What if... you know money comes easier when you 'do' less?

What if... you know energising, creative business relationships are possible?

What if... you know 'changing the world' goes far beyond choosing just one niche?

What if... you know you can create more from the energy of play than working hard?

What if... you know success in business comes from making choices other people won't?









Business Alchemy LAB is a pragmatic adventure in embracing business bliss. If you've ever thought that business is the most insane thing you've seen - it IS!!!


Join the LAB to receive delightfully fresh and *different* business creation resources that will zoom zoom your business into the stratosphere. Choose how long you play for... a month or six to get you started... or a year to keep you energized and enthused about your targets.


I've been creating these magical resource kits for me (and now you!) for years... this is the first time they've been available to anyone except my private coaching clients. How does it get better?


The LAB is full of magical ways of being in business that allow you to feel alive, to create with joy, to go beyond always solving the next problem and most of all, to be deeply and handsomely rewarded for your talent and tenacity.


If you've found your way here, chances are you are also asking for your work to be different than what most people think is possible. It's time to stop the suffering, the doubt and the fear... Business Alchemi LAB is here!







I am your creation catalyst, your dream-stirrer, your sparkle amidst the storms of creating your blissful business. I am also a pragmatic business mentor, a curious word alchemist and the adventurous creator of Creative Alchemi™ & Business Alchemi Lab.


I grew up contributing to our family businesses and transforming my business ideas into playful adventures.


I have an MBA in entrepreneurship & leadership and an undergraduate degree in marketing.


I've managed a research institute, been a marketing manager, a change manager, a facilitator of consciousness...


And I know what it takes to create change in the world. (It takes YOU!! In case you're wondering ;) )


More importantly, I've been through almost every not-so-fun situation you can imagine... burnout, running my businesses while living in an abusive relationship and then having no money when the situation became ridiculously messy.


If I've come out thriving, so can you... wherever you are right now is just the start! Together we'll create a new reality for your business and your future.





Each month's theme moves your business forward in unexpected ways. Think of it as an adventure in creating intuitively and through your awareness, rather than a linear, logical, long, winding roadmap of 'must-do' actions that slow you down.


You'll have access to all of the content as it becomes available, so you can work with the topics that are most relevant to you - in your timing. You don't have to keep up. You don't have to explore the topics in order. It's all about what will create the most for you right now!




Do you know it's time for you to create the future of business your way?


Join us! Your membership is just $45USD a month - JOIN US TODAY.


SO. MUCH. MAGIC. For such a tiny price... 


Why such great value?

Because it makes me happy.

Because I'd rather make a difference to thousands of people than just the few people who can pay my 1-1 prices.

Because it's time for * play * to make a worldwide takeover bid for work... and I can't do that alone!












You'll receive more information & an invitation to join the private Business Alchemy Facebook Lab via email once you've joined! How much business bliss can we create together?





We have made accessing the content as simple as possible for you. And we invite you to participate in the conversations even if you aren't sure about what you're doing or creating... Business Alchemy Lab is a judgement free zone. What could be possible if you are willing to talk about what you desire, even if you don't know how to get there yet?

Business Alchemy Lab is different because we encourage you to explore the resources by tapping into the energy, rather than choosing logically. Over time you'll build a beautiful trust in yourself and your choices that will allow your business to thrive.

Instead of wading through all of the content in order, set aside an hour or two a week to ask your business what it would most love you to know right now. And then play with those resources first! What if you can create your business faster through awareness rather than logic?

Please know, the Lab is not offering business advice specific to your business. The choices you make from the information provided are your responsibility. The ideas we share are simply new alternatives to consider as you create work that is joyful for you!


Each month's content is located in one course. The courses show you which material you have been through and what is yet to be discovered. The upcoming topics are set every three months. If you have topic suggestions, contributions or would like to give us feedback please send us an email! (See the details in your welcome email after you join!)

Because you have access to all resources at all times, you'll be able to find topics that are relevant to where you are going. Unfortunately we can't create personal topics just for you right now! If you have a pressing need, please ask in the Facebook Lab for resources that can get you started. Many of us will know of great ways to start! Or ask a specific question on the live telecalls each month.


We have a private Facebook group where you can discuss the resources, ask questions and connect with other members. This will be some of the most valuable time you spend in the Lab! When we contribute to each other, more is possible for everyone! 


All Business Alchemy Lab content is hosted on a special membership website. Once you join, you'll be invited to join both the Membership site and the private Facebook LAB. You will be sent log-in details for the members content and it will be accessible to you whilst you are a member. Much of the content is printable and downloadable so that you can reference it with ease. The content includes videos, audios and playbooks!


If you are new to the online world, there will be fun things to learn. The only way you can fail is if you give up. Please know we do not offer general computer support or support specific to suggested software for different projects. You will need to know your way around your own computer and you will need to contact the support desks specifically related to any other programs you are using.

If you are having issues logging in or accessing materials once logged in, please contact us at businessalchemylab@gmail.com.

Join us: www.BusinessAlchemyLab.com


The beautiful thing about Business Alchemy Lab is it is designed for you to use it when and how it suits you. You can spend an hour a week, or a day a week - it is truly up to you how fast you create your business and ideas.

The content has been created in small bite-sized morsels so you can snack on it whenever you have a few minutes. It's designed to be flexible enough for you to work YOUR WAY! :) 

If you don't have much time, I'd suggest giving yourself 15 minutes a day to discover something new and apply it as soon as you can. And one of the great ways to watch / listen / read is while you are waiting... :) What if this offers a different way of playing with your business?

There is one live 90 minute telecall each month that I highly recommend you attend live if you have questions, as the conversation is always richer in person! And even that is recorded and you can submit questions in advance.

If you didn't make time the issue, what could you choose that would give you more space to enjoy the creation of your business? What if what you discover could save you time?


What would you be willing to give up or stop doing so that you could have this precious time for creating your dreams?

Join us: www.BusinessAlchemyLab.com



If you would like to have a business, this is a great place to start. We'll be talking about business at many different levels.

For example, how to discover what you'd really love to do with your life and business! How to apply these tips and tools if you are transitioning out of a job and into building your own business.

How to apply the ideas if you already have a business but it's not working how you desire. Or how to exponentialise these ideas to speed up the growth of what you already have. It's all covered in simple, straightforward and playful ways! It's everything I wish I had access to over the last eight years of growing a variety of businesses. 

What inspiration can we be for each other? If you never made yourself wrong for where you are right now, what could be possible that you haven't yet considered? :)

Are you willing to start wherever you can start? Without comparing yourself to others? If so, you'll be creating the forward momentum that truly makes a difference in growing YOUR business!


You will be able to apply many of the ideas to your own work. Especially if you work in a creative, entrepreneurial or change-making environment. And most likely you'll grow aspirations to do something for yourself. Many of these tools and ideas are also perfect for getting a side-gig going for creating extra money!

What would it be like to replace your job with an adventure in creating your work your way? Or what can you discover about creating a business that will allow you to contribute even more brilliance in your workplace? Let's experiment!

Join us:  www.BusinessAlchemyLab.com


It depends what you call woo-woo. I create from energy, space and consciousness. And I apply my intuitive awareness to my business in unconventional ways. That is what creates the *magic*!! I'll be talking about energetic creation when that is relevant, and giving you very pragmatic 'how-to' information when that is relevant.

Business Alchemy Lab is a flexible, intuitive, spontaneous system for being in sync with your business and generating a phenomenal chemistry, so that you and your business can have way more ease and fun creating the possibilities that are in front of you. 

Inside the Lab there are optional resources that include clearings and other energy processes. It's totally up to you if you use them or not! I will say that the more I use these resources, the more enjoyable and successful my business empires become. 

If you'd like a sample of what I'm talking about, sign up for the free e-class in "Creative Alchemy" here.

Join us: www.BusinessAlchemyLab.com


Accessing the Materials

A bounty of new and practical business resources are added on the 1st of each month. (And sometimes there are bonuses in between!)

You'll receive a reminder email each month to introduce you to the new topics and content!

We approach business from some very different perspectives, so you may find some surprising ways forward that will allow you to stand out from current business practices. Of course, you must make your own choices about what is right for your business. It's our role to bring you new choices to consider!

Accessing the Resources

You have access to all materials via your log-in for as long as you are subscribed to the Lab. You can also download most of the materials for future reference if you choose! So you can use the materials in timing that works for you! Please read the terms and conditions of use. This is not an invitation to copy these materials for use in your own projects and programs or to share publicly or with friends. The resources are for your personal use only. Please be respectful of my creations! Misuse is grounds for permanent removal from the Lab and any other programs or offers I create.

Cancellation & Refunds

This is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time you choose. Please know pro-rata refunds are not available. The cancellation will take effect from when your next monthly payment is due. If you need to suspend payments for any reason, you can cancel your subscription and rejoin when you are ready, at whatever the current membership price is.

Why subscribe now?

Because there are extra special gifts only for Foundation Members who join us during May 2016. (I'm so grateful you are first in!!)

The introductory membership price is amazingly inexpensive. It will not always be this price! We intend on adding incredible value to your business moving forward! Foundation Members will be grandfathered into any future price increases while your membership is current - so you keep this price for as long as you stay a member. (This does not apply if you join and then leave and then join again - you will rejoin at whatever the current price is).

Join us: www.BusinessAlchemyLab.com

P.S. If you think this is expensive, please do not sign up yet. You will benefit more by expanding your money mindset first! Having a successful business includes not making money the issue or limiting your choices due to money. What will it create if you join us? What will it create if you don't? Check out www.CreativityLab.tv/CreatingMoney for a free e-course on inviting more money into your world!


If the entire world did business this way, billions of people would go to work happier. They would be doing what they are awesome at and they wouldn't be fitting themselves into a tiny square box that makes you cut off everything that makes you 'YOU'. Here are just a few of the ways you'll begin to create your business differently over the coming months...

> You'll begin to embrace collaboration and contribution over competition.

> You'll begin to trust your awareness rather than following every trend going.

> You'll find the shortcuts that work for you, rather than slavishly following everyone else's 'how-to's' that are nothing to do with how you naturally create your ideas.

> You'll discover the magic and joy in working less and creating more.

> You'll stop the non-stop hustle (if you choose to!) and expand your presence in unexpected ways that create more with less effort.

> You'll discover the business models that work for you, rather than fitting into the systems other people have created.

And this is just the start! I have true pleasure in creating my business and you'll also be getting a birds-eye view of how that works too!

Join us: www.BusinessAlchemyLab.com


So far there are resources on the following topics... and we add more every month! You can also request topics for the future by emailing businessalchemylab@gmail.com



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Stories That Create A Different Future (Knowing *What* To Talk About)

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Repurposing Your Brilliance (Using Your Existing Content To Expand Your Reach)

Guest Blogging (75+ Blogs To Submit Your Blog Posts To)



Business Models For Profit & Ease

Creating Easy Money

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