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I’m so thrilled you’ve found the Creativity Lab Blog. What is it you would most like to change? Chances are something here can spark new possibilities, open up new spaces of creation, or invite you to be more creative. Loving your curiosity! xo Lisa


You create your ideas. And often they seem to show up so slowly, when what you think you're asking for is instant creation. Impatience anyone (else!)?

Here's what I've discovered after years of impatience and killing my creations by being frustrated they weren't here yet. The gap between what you desire and what is actually here is the energies that you aren't yet willing to receive or be.

What do I mean?

Well, you want to be famous for your 'thing', and yet, the moment someone judges your ideas or criticises how or what you are creating, you fall crying in a tiny heap on the floor or you moan to everyone who will listen about the troll that you don't know what to do with. That there is the gap. You won't receive the judgement that is part of the creation. 

If you had no point of view about being famous, if you were willing to receive everything that comes with it, you'd have the fame, the fortune and the fabulousness you know you are destined for. And it would show up super-fast, because you'd be welcoming it with open arms and turning it all up, rather than trying to have all that fabulousness without anyone really seeing you.

And it's the same for creating events (and having them full or having no-one show up), writing a book (and having the world know about it or having the only people buying it be your family and friends), or even changing the world (and having no-one listen to your perspectives). 

The gap is created when you are refusing to be and do and have everything your desire is asking of you. You ask for something amazing... and your desire asks of you in return. It asks you to be everything you can be. And if you don't open your heart, your mind, your very being to what is possible, you end up like a sitting duck in no man's land. Wishing and hoping, but not actually being the energy that would allow your requests to show up in the world.

Here's what's funny... if you are going to be as different as you are, the judgement and criticism is inevitable. It's also irrelevant. The gap also includes everything we've made relevant and real, that is nothing to do with reality. If you have an idea that is world-changing there are going to be people that oppose it. 

One of my 'favourite' trolls on Facebook loves to argue with me about magic and how it's not real. The funny thing is, for me, his opinion isn't real. Because I live a magic life. Just because scientists haven't yet worked out how to prove the magic that shows up for me doesn't stop it being real. Does the 'proof' of my experience make my experience any more real? No. It's the same with judgement. It's not real unless we make it so. 

The fastest way to invite instant creation is to let go of all your resistance to people judging you.

Let go of every 'that's impossible' thought that you have.

Let go of your refusal to be everything you are.

And then, invite the magic of you to show up in the world.

You are magic... even if it doesn't feel like it. Have you noticed that most of what you create is not explainable via logic? Here's what I mean. I've travelled all over the world in the last 5 years, facilitating Creativity Lab events. When it started I had not even thought of doing that, but somewhere in my world there was an energy of possibility. From that first invitation to Sweden has grown an amazing international business. And much of it has been through different spaces of instant creation.

In Amsterdam a couple of years ago I went from having no-one in my classes to having a taster class of 15 people and another live class of around 10 people within just a few days. The new Creativity Lab event was created effortlessly in around 15 minutes after the taster class.
I can't tell you 'how' I created almost instant events in Amsterdam because there isn't a distinct 'how'.

It was a series of tiny moment by moment choices - where I was following the energy of what was possible and I was totally willing to ask for the situation to be created very differently than what it appeared. In essence, I was open to receiving the magic of what was possible beyond what I had tried to create. 



Instant creation is that magical moment when what you are asking for shows up even faster than you can cognitively ask for it. When you have a deep connection with the universe, instant creation becomes commonplace. That client you requested? Here! That house you are seeking? Look there it is! The trillions of people adoring you? They're everywhere you go.  

How does instant creation become possible? In essence, you become one with the universe. You become the drop in the ocean and the ocean. You become the scent of the flower and the flower. You become the creator and you are created through your choices. Instant creation makes every day into a playful adventure. 

"What can show up today that has never been available before?" is a great question to ask. And of course, you can also ask "Hey Universe, will you show me what instant creation is?" Be extremely aware of what you are asking for - the Universe will deliver the good, the bad and the ugly of your requests...  it has no point of view that anything is better than anything else!

Another way to invite more instant creation is to acknowledge everywhere you have created things instantly. The acknowledgement builds a platform for more to show up. Make a list... you might be surprised!



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