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I’m so thrilled you’ve found the Creativity Lab Blog. What is it you would most like to change? Chances are something here can spark new possibilities, open up new spaces of creation, or invite you to be more creative. Loving your curiosity! xo Lisa


I know you want to say ‘yes!’ because that is the societally appropriate answer (and the answer your boss mostly wants to hear!)

It’s also the response that is killing your relationships, making you exhausted and stopping you from being the greatest contribution during the time you are at work. Not to mention that you’re probably spending your holidays recovering from this mess, rather than celebrating being alive!

In my world there is a vast difference between working and working hard. I love working and creating. I used to love working hard - until I got severe burnout and my entire world tipped upside down.

I intensely resisted the idea of working, rather than working hard. Until I realised that I could work with ease, flow, creative energies, joy and a sense of possibilities, rather than an ever-growing sense of impending doom and non-stop deadlines.

What started out as my life turning ‘upside-down’, transformed into a way of living and working that is so ‘right side up’ that I can barely believe I was so insane as to make ‘hard work’ the proof of my brilliance. 

It’s disconcerting when you realise you’ve been sold a big fat juicy lie and you are still paying (way too much) to keep it in place. Is it possible that hard work has become a comfort zone that is far more uncomfortable than you’ve acknowledged?

We’ve been taught to honour suffering and struggle, as if these badges of honour are more important than our wellbeing and our zest for living. If you’d like to get off the hamster wheel and enjoy the world around you, here’s how to start:

  1. Set a target to work with ease. Be kind to you. Be kind to the people you work with. 
  2. Lead yourself forward more gently. Give yourself space between meetings and deadlines. Don’t fill that space with should’s! Allow the space to show you what’s next. You might be surprised at what is truly important!
  3. Bring joy into the moments. Start your conversations with humour. Allow peace to be your first choice. My favourite question is "What choice will create the most here?"

Yes, it's a different reality. Your work can be a gift - to you and the world! 

Creating your work as an adventure, rather than a predictable set of choices, allows you to discover new ways forward. What possibilities can you invite and receive by working for pleasure?

If I ask ‘did you work hard this week?’ again next Friday, I’d love to hear you say ‘NO… it’s been a pleasure, and now I’m enjoying the weekend!’

Where can you play from here?

A nurturing retreat in Noosa or Italy?   |   A collection of creative inspiration to play with?   |   A mastermind to grow your business with ease?



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